Easter @ Lake Tabourie

This was a long weekend camping with some like minded friends, a group of 4 families headed down for Easter long weekend and a chance to relax by the beach.

We loaded up and headed off on Good Friday down the coast Surprisingly the traffic wasn’t too bad though the brake controller started playing up. No matter what setting it was it was applying full braking force. I also found out during the trip that the left brake was binding slightly. It was a little embarrassing to be in slow moving traffic and have the brakes lock up at even the slightest touch.

We’ve never stayed at Lake Tabourie caravan park but our friends are regulars, and so had grabbed us spots right by the path to the beach. They were all un-powered by that doesn’t worry us and the weather was great so no problems with the solar keeping up.

It was also our first camping trip for the boys in their new swags. We’re hoping to use them on the Simpson trip and wanted to try them out. The plan was to set them up under our 4×4 awning. But I found out the cam-locks on one pole had stopped working. So much for checking your gear before you head out! The boys would just have to take their chances if it rained.

And yes we got to test it out. On the second night it poured down. Despite having seasoned the swags in the back yard both of them let a little bit or water in. That said our tent also leaked that night the rain was that hard.

The boys got some kudos from a few of the other kids as well for having swags.

The caravan park is nice enough and the boys were loving the jumping pillow, water park, mini-golf and BMX track. J had just learnt to ride his bike and for the first time we let the boys roam the park by themselves. It was great to see them take to the puff up a little bit when we said we trusted them to.

That’s one thing about caravan parks in Aus, they still seem fairly safe, and letting the kids have a bit of freedom is great. Generally the kids are pretty good, an most families are of the same mindset. A couple of teenager knocked over A on the jumping pillow and brought him over to us to make sure he was alright. I think parks that have a permanent van population tend to, as everyone knows everyone.

We spent the weekend swimming in the big lagoon by the park, sand-boarding the dunes and generally relaxing, and the fact the easter bunny found the boys in their swags was greatly received.

The kids had a ball, and the adults relaxed. What more could you want for a long weekend ? The brakes seemed to behave themselves on the way back too.


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