Cundle Flat


For New Year’s Eve this year we joined 4 other families for a planned week of camping at Cundle Flat Farm near Gloucester. This is a small farm that has a basic riverfront campground right on the banks of the Manning River. We had an awesome and relaxing few days here including a very amusing New Year’s Eve party.

The trip up as far a Gloucester was relatively painless. We were expecting crazy holiday traffic as we left Sydney but there was none which is always a relief.  The campground is about 44km from Gloucester about half of which is good unsealed road.  The unsealed section is very windy which has us stopping for one of the kids to be sick.  Luckily the road is through several properties with cattle wandering round, so we had  a bit of audience as we sorted out a change of clothes…

Upon arrival we were taken over the rules of the campground by the owners. There’s a pretty detailed system for dealing with rubbish as they don’t get council service out that far. There’s a selection of campsites, ones right by the river, some on a flat grassy field a bit further back and behind those , up on the ridge and under some trees near the house and closest to the toilet blocks.  Be warned, there’s not much shade in the middle section.

Middle Campground

The sites right by the river are fairly rocky, though there are some with flat sections. We were placed in the far corner and the site easily fit 3 camper trailers and family dome tent.  Each site has its own campfire, and wood can be purchased by the wheelbarrow. We used about a barrow a night  :). The bonus was that this site is also near to the ‘kids corner’ which is a sheltered area in the flowing river suitable for little kids.

The group’s campsite


Further upstream there are some rapids which are fun to ride in a Kayak or on inflatables. Which we did a  lot of, and my feet were a bit battered and bruised from the rocks.

Unfortunately when we tried the camper water it had a tang and was undrinkable. Luckily we’d brought 3 Jerry cans to supplement the camper. Unluckily one of those had a detergent taste to it. Lesson learnt, check the water before you leave. I’ll have to investigate when we get back.

So with only 40 litres of water for a family of 5 I ran into the local town of Wingham (40mins drive), where I found this in the main street:

de Havilland FB.31 Vampire

According to the plaque at its base, the Vampire Jet was donated by the Manning River Branch of the Air Force Association to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force. It was placed by the (then) Wingham Municipal Council, Service organisations, and Public Subscription.

One of the kids came down ill with temperatures and vomiting so we had to cut short the trip and come home 2 days early.  Being an hour from hospital and having had a kid in hospital following complications we decided not to chance it.

On the trip out the Tow Pro trailer stopped working and went into limp mode meaning the proportional braking was gone and it was in a ‘safe’ level of braking.  So safe that the brakes kept locking up on the dirt.

We stopped for lunch at Mograni lookout and I had a quick google and poke around and found the trailer plug was dirty.  A quick clean and the unit came back to life and we headed home

Lunch at Mograni Lookout

We had planned to miss the end of holiday crowds but leaving early meant we got stuck in the usual choke points on the M1 between Newcastle and Sydney.

With the kids asleep and me needing a coffee I detoured off the highway to Freeman’s water hole where I saw this, which I think is a Ford CMP aka Ford Blitz/Chevy Blitz?


After about 8 hours including a lunch and dinner stop we were home safely back in bed with only the unpacking to do…


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