Trip planning – Cundle Flat Farm

The clan have decided to have a Christmas at home this year rather than our usual trip to the South Coast. But in the spirt of getting out and seeing more of our country we have planned to head to Cundle Flat Farm for New Years.

This is a working property that allows camping on the banks of the Manning River. I’ve heard only good things about the place so we can’t wait to pack up the camper one more time and head out for 6 days of almost bush camping on the banks for the Manning River in NSW. Luckily work is in a mandatory shutdown until 6th of Jan, so we’re hoping we miss the New Years traffic by coming back a day later than everyone else. We’ll see how that pans out!

It looks like there is going to be a big group of us going. Should be a lot of fun.

There’s no 3G at the farm so I’ll post a review and updates when I get back. In the meantime check the farm website out at,


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