So the plan for today was  another transit day to a new campsite at  Gumleaves near little Swanport. Again the campers would be taking the dirt roads and the caravans the bitumen.

So off we went retracing our steps from a few days before. We’d pulled up and I got out of the car to take a photo when I smelt oil.  Looking underneath the car I spotted this:

There’s your problem

A leaking seal on the transfer case. I wasn’t willing to risk the back roads so as we were only a few km from the bitumen I turned round and took the tar road to St Helen’s. A lovely mechanic had a look, told me it wasn’t too bad but he didn’t have the part.

We bought a large container of transfer case oil and decided to keep an eye on it.

Unfortunately this meant that we missed out on the wine tasting that had been organised at Devil’s corner winery.

The drive along the coast road was very pretty and it was kind of nice to be ambling along at our own pace.

We pulled into Gumleaves ahead of everyone which meant we had choice of spots to camp, and first run at the hot showers. Something we’d been missing for a few days. (Weldborough had issues keeping the water hot for all of us as well).

Gumleaves is a nice bush camp, though the soil in the sites was a bit hard to get some of the pegs in. They have a deer enclosure and every evening the kids can go and feed the deer. It is sometimes a mission as they’re very shy. (The deer, not the kids).IMG_4502



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