Musselroe Bay

Today’s plan “was” to go from Weldborough and taking as many unsealed roads as we could, make our way out to Musselroe Bay to take a closer look at the wind farm.

When the route was originally set for this stage it was noted that a bridge was a bit suspect. So some work was undertaken to make the crossing a bit easier and safer. Care would have still been required to cross it but it was possible.

But on the day when all 26 Prado’s turned up, someone had been down the track and decided that all the good work done to the bridge to make it passable was not a good idea, and had cut the logs that had been added. Making in and now making it un-passable.

There was a bit of a conflap and two trains of thought: One was to try and make the bridge passable and the second was to try and make the bypass passable.

The bridge option looked liked it wasn’t the best so all efforts went into the creek bypass. Everyone in the first group leapt into action and with chainsaws and shovels going, a lot of work was done in a short time.  By now the second group had arrived and offered assistance. A very quick committee meeting was undertaken and it was decided to turn groups 2 & 3 around and to bypass this part of the route. There were concerns that 26 prados going through the creek would turn it into a swampy mess.

The leader of the group was first to test the creek/ mud crossing. Slow and steady got him acroos the creek/mud and the front wheels up the bank but that was as far as he was to go. Out came the recovery gear and winch (used for the first time).


As the vehicles started going through, adjustments to the exit bank were made to make it easier. out of the 12 Prados in the in group, only two had to winch with the rest actually driving out of the creek/mud.

As had been the case every day we had tried to stay off the sealed roads and use back tracks where possible to show the diversity of the terrain and sights we have in Tasmania.

En route to the wind farm

At the windfarm the group split in two with some looking at the control room and some getting to look inside the tower of one of the turbines. I was really interesting to hear from some of the workers there about the site and how it all fit together.

We called into the visitor’s centre for a wine tasting session and some lunch. As Lainie had missed the cheese tasting due to a sleeping kid I let her loose on the wine.

After lunch we headed back towards camp for the night.

On the way we called into Little Blue Lake which is very blue in colour from the mining that happened in the area in the past. After a very quick stop it was onto the next possible challenge but the water levels were down and the ground was hard so all good on this trip and we crossed the creek very easily.

After this crossing a quick committee meeting took place. With all the planning that went into this GTG we had started to run out of time to get back to camp at a suitable time so the decision was made to offer everyone and option. The chose was head back to camp or continue on the original planned route.

We took the short route home. By all accounts the original route had a bit of a sting in a tail, after which one of the 150 Prados needing some of its side steps remodeled.


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