Myrtle Park to Weldborough

This was a transport day from Myrtle Park on both forestry roads and bitumen to Legerwood.

True to form the organisers gave us a great route which for the camper trailer drivers amongst us gave us the opportunity to follow some unsealed sections whilst the caravan owners took the sealed route.

At Legerwood we stopped to view the tree carvings which were done using a chainsaw. These were all themed with the diggers from WW1. These carvings dot the countryside


From there it was over the hills onto Pyengana for sampling of cheese, visiting the Pub in the Paddock and St. Columbia falls.

The Pyengana cheeese shop does some great cheese and after the tasting I bought loads without checking the prices. Ooops. $60 of cheese later we were on our way to the Pub in the Paddock.

This pub has one great attraction – a pig that drinks beer. Well you buy it a beer in the pub. From what I could tell it was a bottle mostly of water, but the kids loved it. We had lunch at the pub before heading to St Columbia Falls.


We were now running late and had to sprint to the falls and then back up. Kid 2 gave up halfway whilst me and eldest sprinted on, took a photo and headed back up the hill. Me carrying him back up.

From the falls it was back roads winding our way up and over to our over night stop at Weldborough behind the Weldborough Hotel.


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