Myrtle Park to Bellingham

After another typically cold night with bubs ending up in bed with us again we got up ready to tackle the first day.

This was a great intro the variety of scenery in Tas as we headed from Myrtle Park to Bellingham via gravel then to the beach, and via the dunes  to Bellingham .

We took in some of the forests and the forestry going on all round Tasmania and the source of so much friction between various interest groups.


When we hit the beach we aired down and then lined up for a group shot. Pretty impressive to see so many Prados lined up on the beach.


It was a fairly easy run along the high tide mark to the dune system. We lined up to tackle the big dune. Bushbasher got up on his first go, making it look easy. 120 Prados 150 Prados – 0 The next car struggled a few times and then gave up. 3rd car made it up – 1 all!

I dumped a bit more air out and gave it a go and faithful Peta the Prado made up the dune without batting an eyelid! 2-1. Eventually a few more made it up and we stopped for some lunch.


The original plan was to go down the front of the dune but Bushbasher decided the edge was a better bet. Tiny soon followed. I was still thinking of the easy route down but my wife decided that I couldn’t be shown up by the others.. She was all gung ho until we went over the top, at which point she screamed “OH SHIT!” and then told the kids it was ok to swear if you were really scared.

After that, everyone went down and once we had regrouped, we were soon on our way and onto Bridport and the sealed surface. We headed back to Myrtle Park via Scottsdale and the Sidling.

The Sidling is part of the Targa Rally of Tasmania. It’s a winding mountain pass and nuts to think that cars do this stage at about 300km/h.

We were soon back at camp to no showers… but we had a roaring fire and tails to tell about the size of the dune we all drove down. And to pay our fines for various ‘infractions’ throughout the day. All fines going to the RFDS.


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