Meet and greet at Myrtle Park

So an easy pack up today to head just down the road to meet up with the rest of what my wife calls “My Internet Friends” – the 25 other PradoPointers who were over for the week long gathering of like minded Prado drivers.

We thought we’d be early but it turns out most of them had already turned up so we snuck in a quick park by a tree and wandered off to see if everyone really was as cool as they made out on the Internet.It turns out most of the were.



We had a meet and greet and a great bonfire that night. Unfortunately out daughter woke up with conjunctivitis so I had to high tail it back into Launceston to get drugs so I missed out on having to load up the two tonnes of wood to near the fire pit. Shame! But it was awesome to finally meet some of the others and put names to faces, and check out the different rigs.

The organisers did us proud handing out some awesome welcome packs full of goodies and treats to help us during our stay in Tas. The chocolate didn’t last long, and neither did the cheese!

Unfortunately there was a local power cut that night so the showers and toilets stopped working! A common theme for the next few days!


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