Launceston and Cataract Gorge

Knowing we had a week of all day drives coming up we today was another easy day as we headed into Launceston for a look around.

A leisurely breakfast, and laundry trip had us leaving quite late. First stop the centre of Launceston.  We had a drive around before calling into the Boags museum and visitors center. Being quite small, a trip round the CBD is done very quickly!


I had a bit of a chat with the staff before sitting down to a tasting paddle. We didn’t do the tour because of the kids. The staff felt it probably wasn’t suitable. Which is fair enough, plus I’ve done enough brewery and distillery tours to know how it all works…

The museum is pretty small and it kills a few minutes. The 3 beers took a bit longer.  The paddle came with a Draught, XXX Ale and Wizard Smiths Hale.  I quite enjoyed the Wizard Smith’s and the XXX Ale.. Apparently they dont do XXX (or Boags Red) which they don’t do on the mainland. Which is a shame as  it became my beer for the rest of the trip.

Working my way through the beer

We had a quick stop for lunch down the road in City Park where the kids loved running round the playground, and the actual old train they’ve positioned there.

Cataract Gorge

The plan for the afternoon was Cataract Gorge, but little miss fell asleep on the way there and refused to wake up. So the boys and I took off on a quick walk and left mum in the car with the engine running and a sleeping child.

Described as ‘Launceston’s own piece of wilderness’ just 15 minutes walk from the city centre. Here you’ll find walking and hiking trails, the world’s longest single span chairlift, swimming pool, restaurant, kiosk, cafe peacocks and wildlife, beautiful gardens, suspension bridge, inclinator for easy access, Interpretation Center and panoramic lookouts with spectacular views.


A lot of people have raved about the gorge, but I was a little underwhelmed. I guess because it is right in the centre that makes it so special.

It was really hot so the boys weren’t so keen on doing long walks and weren’t keen on the chairlift, so we just did the short round the lake walk, over the suspension bridge.



One the short walk we managed to catch an Echdina snuffling off into the bush and a bit more of the birdlife.

I think I would have got more out of it had I done a bit more walking. They did love the inclinator though. A glass lift up the side of the gorge.


After an hour and half we headed back to the car to find mum still on facebook and bub still asleep, so we headed home for an early dinner.



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