Port Arthur to Longford

Today was a transport day back up the Heritage highway to Longford. We’d planned to stay at the Longford Riverside Campground for 3 nights to give us a few days around Launceston and do some family trips.

We had a leisurely cooked breakfast in the great kitchen at the Big4, loaded everything up and headed back on the highway. Always happy to use someone elses gas.

The last camping trip to Fraser had our youngest at about 8 months old. What a difference a year makes. Able to go off and be entertained with the other two it certainly makes packing a bit easier.  We are now down to about 1 hour leisurely pack up.

I had planned to visit things we missed on the way down but the kids fell asleep within about an hour, my wife about 10 minutes after that, so I drove the whole way back to Longford myself…

If I had thought about it a bit more we would have detoured inland on the alternate route back to Launceston, or gone via Hobart. As it was we made it back to Campbelltown for lunch, and then into Longford for about 2:30.

The campground is nice enough with two amenities blocks, but being just before the start of the school holidays the kitchen seemed to not be lit. Only one fluro tube was lit, the wrong side to the sink… Though when we came back a week later it was all working.  So not sure if it was an issues or they just had it turned off.  There was also a brand new gas BBQ Shelter, which you didn’t have to pay for (the camp kitchen electric BBQ is coin operated). Guess where we cooked?  🙂

Longford Caravan Park- Aerial View

The campground is geared to carvanners with large well kept gravel sites seemed full of caravanners who seemed to live inside their vans. We hardly saw anyone outside.  Campertrailers and un-powered tents have two options. Down by the river and near the kitchen, or at the back on a field. Having a small kid we went to the back, and had it all to ourselves.

Longford Caravan Park- Unpowered Sites

There is a train line nearby which was noisy but thankfully the trains were infrequent and didn’t run all night. Or I didn’t notice them from about 10pm.

Campfires were allowed by arrangement. We hadn’t arranged it so it was early to bed.



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