Albury to the Spirit of Tasmania

Woke this morning to the sight of an Ostritch walking through the camp. Kids were all screaming it was an emu, but it was definitely an Ostritch. Damned if the thing didn’t lie down so the kids could pet it.

  Packup wasn’t too bad and only a few arguments ensued. Still having to take care o the little one now and again so routine is broken up. But we were 30 mins ahead of kick out time and heading to met our road trip partner.

Given that we didnt have to be at the ferry until 7pm and it was 3.5 hours away we took our time. First stop Brown Brothers winery in Milawa for a taste test. It was only really a cellar door, and I was a bit disappointed. I thought there would have been more. Butthe wne was good, and we liked the Prosecco NV. Though the food  was supposed to be good we decided fine dining wasnt our thing and headed to Milawa Bakery for a pie instead.

After lunch we headed down the road 15-20mins to stop at Glenrowan, home of the infamous Ned Kelly.  This is a town where you have to look like Ned to live apparently. Every man was a wearing a hipster beard, even before there were hipsters.  Its a sad town trading on its single claim to fame with some faded mannequins dressed as Ned outside the local pub, and a little museum that we didn’t go into. The town looks like it is in terminal decline witth many shops for sale or locked up.  I dont know how much of this is to do with the bypassing of the town by the Hume Highway, or just a general slow death of so many country towns.  Everyone seems to sop for the photo with the Giant Ned statue and then jump back in the cars and drive off as the old shopkeepers stare out of their dusty windows, eyes pleading for someone to buy a comedy Ned postcard.

Big Ned
Big Ned

We soon hit Melbourne and ran into Sunday evening traffic chaos. Crawling along at 5km/h i wondered if we would actually make it. Then I realised the only lane moving was the one that I should have been in. So with my trusty Sydney driving head on, I pushed across the three lanes into the right one and sailed on. Time lost, 10 minutes.

I also missed a turn on the sat nav and managed to miss most of the queue for the ferry by driving through the back of a housing estate. Result.

The Ferry was sitting there glowing just waiting for us to climb aboard.


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