Quick weekend away

In which we don’t make friends with other campers….

There’s something about a weekend away from mod cond, phones, internet TV that I find restores the soul.So we’ve only got a 17 days until we leave for Tas on the Ferry.  So we decided to have a little run in the camper to iron out more issues and see what needs doing.   We headed down to Bonnie Vale campground in the Royal National Park because its only 30 minutes from home.

We chucked the sleeping bags in the car, some snags in the fridge and headed down. First stop at Audley Café to get a day long multi parks pass. At $65 for the year it’s a steal. Especially as they wanted to charge us $22 just to use the national park for Sat and Sunday. It’s also an excuse to see more places.  Being a lovely day the park was full. The ladies at the parks desk in the café being lovely, chateted to everyone for ages , which wasn’t lovely when you’re double parked with 3 kids in the car!

So 15 minutes after getting there we had the pass and were on our way.

The drive down into the campground is a nice little drive, if a bit windy at times. The brakes on the trusty Cape York camper trailer getting a good work. I must say the Tow Pro is a great unit, and I am sure the Prado and trailer stop better than just the Prado by itself.

We had booked a beachfront site, which was actually one row back from the beach. But it looked to be the flattest. Setting up this time only took about 30mins, which is heaps faster than our first effort. 20mins for the CT and 10 for the 30 second tent. I am sure it will be faster once the kids stop demanding our attention every two minutes.

Soon we were ready to settle in and the kids were off exploring the mud flats, dodging over protective plovers, and getting covered in mud.  But as soon as the sun went down it got cold. It’s a shame that you aren’t allowed fires as they really help make the atmosphere on a cold night. Not that stopped a few backpackers who seemed not to be able to read English even though they spoke it really well  Buggering off into the bush, ripping off branches they soon had a great fire going.

It was also at that point that youngest daughter decided to come down ill and spend al night coughing and cfrying and keeping everyone else awake. Yes, we were ‘That Family’.  Still the next day was as lovely as the first and the boys were soon fishing. Not that we caught anything but they looked like they had fun.

Soon we were packing up (1hour) and on our way home, tired but refreshed. 30 minutes later we were home ready to relax for the rest of Sunday.  And having the Camper Trailer, we just parked it up, took our clothes and the travel fridge out and we were done. So much quicker than unpacking after a tenting trip.


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