Patonga – Part 2

So it turns out I’m the only one who remembered thermals for our winter camping. Oh well. I was nice and snug. 🙂 The rest of us made do with jumpers and onesies.  It iss really nice having a fires at night and great that you are allowed during the winter months. Today we just sat back and relaxed,the heavy rain for the night before didn’t soak through the canvas so that’s another plus. Though we may put up the tarp next time.

Wifey was happy to sleep on a proper mattress for a change. The two weeks on an air mattress during the Fraser trip nearly ending our marriage and camping trips for ever! Once breakfast was done the boys took to exploring the local area and we settled into camping. Most arrivals started at about 1pm on Friday so it was time to sit back and enjoy the campers and non campers setting up. Some did well, some, not so well!  Even when full the campground didn’t seem crowded which was nice.

The rest of the campers seemed friendly enough and there was a distinct lack of Bogans. All music was off by 10/11 which isnt bad on a long weekend.   The power went off over the weekend for a while so no showers or hot water for a day and a half. We were on an unpowered site. So the lack of power didn’t affect us much.

On Day 3 we went for a driver over to Macmasters beach for lunch which is quite a pleasant drive and has a nice beach but it was bit rough for the kids. They enjoyed standing in the breakers. A quick coffee and ice-cream and it was back home for wine and fire time.

Macmasters Beach
Checking the surf out – Macmaster’s Beach

Day 4 was just chilling at camp and the boys played with their new friends. That’s always a great part of camping I think; the finding new friends for the little ones. The boys made use of their wetsuits and played in the creek. By the campsite it’s calm but there are strong current warning signs at the mouth. You can really see it flowing when the tide is running. Though I think if you were a strong swimmer you could just ride it out until you hit the sand banks.

Boys, mud and sticks
Hear no fish. See no fish. Eat no fish

Whilst we were there we also headed up to the wharf to watch the fishermen (and dodge the kids casting who seemed determined to rip someone’s ear off). A couple from Tassie berthed in an old prawn boat which was fun to see.  After a bit of a mooch round we split into two teams for a race back to camp. One along the beach and one along the road.   The road team won but as Capt. of the beach team I declare we had more fun.     On the Monday it was sadly time to pack up and leave. It took about 2 hours again because it’s the first time, I slept in and we have to stop every 5 minutes to deal with a kids question or issue.


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