Danjeera dam day trip

The family decided to head down the South coast for Australia day.  Half the family had already gone down so it was just me, son #1 and my mother. We divide to take a detour via Djanjeera damn following most of the Yalwal Circuit route, trek number 145 in Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage’s 4wd Treks Close to Sydney book.

Reaching Nowra we turned off and headed toward Coolendel and then into the National park and onto the dam. The  tar road meanders along the river valley in some places only being wide enough for one car.  Soon we turned off onto the dirt. Son #1 was keeping himself and us entertained by reading every joke from his joke book… Awesome!

The route is marked ok for AWD, and apart from one steep section near the start you wouldn’t have any problems in a normal 2wd car.  The step section could pose some issues in the wet for 2wd.

Soon we were up on the plateau checking out the great views across the valley form the various lookouts. The wind was up and som#1 clung to me for fear of being blown over the edge. He wasn’t really in any danger, but it was kind of fun winding him up.

We soon headed down into the dam which allows free camping and was chock full of campers. There were lots of kids hooning around on quads near the dam edge, and the obligatory groups of patrols , hiluxes and land cruisers on steroids parked about.  The sensible people needing a quiet camp were parked at the top of the hill and above the main camp area. We had a quick scoot around the graveyard, before jumping back in the car.  It looks like the graveyard is on private property but the little gate has faded signpost that seems it’s ok to visit.


We then headed back to the princes highway via a few more lookouts and onwards towards the South Coast accompanied by more bad jokes




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