Fraser Trip – Day 8: Landsborough to Rainbow Beach

Again another driving day as we headed to our overnight stop of Rainbow Beach. Initially the plan was do a more scenic route and go via Boreen Point and Wolvi, but the bub wasn’t travelling well so we pushed on up via the quickest route.

We topped off the tanks in Gympie, with 180 litres capacity in the Prado, we were hoping to we wouldn’t need to fill up again until off the island.

Pulling into Rainbow beach was insane. It was public holiday Monday and the town was heaving. I was last here in 2003 and the place is almost unrecognisable with a huge unit complex having been built. We stumped up for overpriced fish and chips that were terrible and took 30 minutes to appear. Incredible. So we headed out of town to Rainbow Waters Caravan Park. The plan was to get there and then take the early barge on the 6th onto the island and make the tide so we’d booked a cabin. Well it didn’t look like it had been cleaned since 1984 apart from a wipe down and black mould in the corners. Still it was only for a night.

The park itself has a huge free camping area out the back which looked like it could be nice, outside of school holidays. The back of the park seemed full of drunken bogans drinking Bundy and listening to INXS full bore. Really, INXS followed by AC/DC.

The boys let off some steam on the banks of the river whilst we had some sundowners. It is a beautiful place to catch the last of the day and the sunset.


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