Fraser Trip – Day 8: Landsborough to Rainbow Beach

Again another driving day as we headed to our overnight stop of Rainbow Beach. Initially the plan was do a more scenic route and go via Boreen Point and Wolvi, but the bub wasn’t travelling well so we pushed on up via the quickest route.

We topped off the tanks in Gympie, with 180 litres capacity in the Prado, we were hoping to we wouldn’t need to fill up again until off the island.

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Fraser Trip – Day 6: Tenterfield to Landsborough

After the cruisey few days today was a long transfer day as we headed up to Landsborough and Australia zoo. We went via Toowoomba with a couple of stops along the way and a lunch stop in Landsborough.

We went via Toowoomba, Hampton and Esk. The last part I think was on Tourist route 23 and was a nice drive but twisty. It gave us some great views across the Glasshouse Mountains.

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Fraser Trip – Day 5: Bald Rock

Fraser Trip – Day 5: Bald Rock

Another freezing night in the tent (with Bub sleeping inside one of our sleepingbags with us). Today we headed into Bald Rock National Park to climb up Bald Rock itself. Bald Rock, is a large granite outcrop rising about 200 metres above the surrounding landscape. It measures about 750 metres long and 500 metres wide and is the largest granite monolith in Australia. Amazingly hardly anyone knows it’s there and it loses out to its more famous red centre cousin. I guess because it pokes up out of the trees and you don’t know its there until you are almost on top of it. Unlike Uluru which you can see from a great distance away.
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Fraser Trip – Day 4: Armidale to Tenterfield – 190km

We packed up again in the morning. Grumpy bub meant that I packed up alone and the whole thing took about an hour and half. So much for a 30 second tent.

I’ve only recently come across Captain Thunderbolt’s story so as we were travelling through his old hunting grounds took the opportunity of a small detour to one of Captain Thunderbolt’s caves near the town of Guyra. It gave us a chance to have a break, stretch the legs and have some morning tea. Its off the main road a little way down a dirt track easily accessible in a 2wd.

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