Fraser Trip – Day 3&4: Armidale

By this time both myself and the bub had stinking colds and following yesterday’s toe episode we decided against a day in the car and just relaxed in the caravan park. After all it was meant to be a holiday! They boys loved it as the park has some table tennis tables, a pool and little 3 wheeled bikes you can hire and ride round the park. They had a ball doing that.

The nicer grassed camping were pretty full and because of bubs nighttime screaming antics we opted to set up our tent at the back of the campground. Her waking up for a feed 2-3 times a night doesn’t make you many friends when you are staying in a tent!
I went for beer supplies and stumbled across a case of Adnams Ghost Ship Pale Ale. Finding boutique beer from the UK in the middle of rural NSW was too good to be true and I grabbed a case, and was a very happy man.

Armidale sign
The only other drama was the over aggressive magpie that took a chunk out of #1 and #2 sons ears. It never rains, but it pours hey!


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