Fraser Trip – Day 1: Sydney to Gloucester

We managed to pack the stuff into the car just, but had to leave the kids stretcher beds behind. Its amazing how much stuff you need when you have a young kid. Cot, Pram, Formula, 3000 nappies etc. etc.

We headed out of Sydney and made good time stopping at the Mooney Mooney rest area for lunch. Just the other side of the road bridge.  We let the kids out and had a run but no trips to the toilet as the ones here are awful. The bub was having none of being back in the car and screamed so much we pulled off at the next rest area. By sheer luck we pulled up as the cleaners were finishing up. I have never been to such clean rest area toilets in my life. SUCCESS! There’s also a little playground so we hung around for a bit longer.

Mooney Mooney Rest Area
Mooney Mooney Rest Area

Jumping back in our car we headed back on up the F1. We were planning on turning off onto Bucketts way and heading as far as Gloucester to check out a little free camp area just outside called Bretti Reserve for our first night.

Bucketts way is also known as Tourist Drive 2 going through tall forest, rolling green valleys and pretty towns and villages and makes a pleasant divergence from the usual F1 Freeway monotony.

We pulled into Gloucester around lunch time and realised that we had forgotten to pack pillows, and our camping stove. Faced with a two weeks of eating cold beans and sleeping on jumpers we made a quick pit stop into the local supermarket for pillows, and the camping store to buy 2 new camping stoves, to replace the brand new ones we had bought 3 weeks ago.  Pleasantly surprised to find prices not too much above Sydney..

Gloucester has a great little park for the kids to run round in, and the camp ground was only about 30 km up the road.

Arriving at Bretti reserve we were a little apprehensive as we had only seen it in the wikicamps app and didn’t have a fallback plan. We were pleasantly surprised to find a great area nestled on a river with lots of open spaces and two reasonable pit toilets. For a one night stop it weren’t too bad!

Bretti Reserve
Bretti Campsite
Bretti Campsite


Being a quick stop we only set up the main Oztent. It really was a tight squeeze and was cold. Myself and the bub had come down with a cold and were bunged up which meant we couldn’t sleep.  I was tossing and turning on the airbed, which as I am a fair few kilos heavier than my wife meant she got no sleep. It was also so cold that bub kept waking up and insisted on sleeping in my wife’s sleeping bag. It was an awful nights sleep all round.  I really wasn’t looking forward to the next 13 days if it carried on.


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