Fraser Trip Planning

We are heading to Fraser in a few weeks so have spent the last few weeks getting ready.

Prep for the truck:

 I found my belly was dragging on the High Country trip, so to avoid turning into a bulldozer on Fraser I thought I’d get a lift done. Thank you Mr Tax man! I went for a 2″ OME lift installed by ARB in St Peters, Sydney.  There are lots of options for lifts but I have heard good things about their warranty and I figure parts should be easier to come by if required whilst out travelling.

I also run a injector feedback test every month or so and noticed that the feedback values were getting close to being out of spec. There’s a lot of speculation that this is causing the D4D to go BOOM, so off I went to Wollongong to get a new set of DLC injectors from Bailey’s Diesel.

I’ve been after a set of drawers for a while so purchased a set of Drifta Drawers for the 120. Unfortunately I hadn’t counted on the fancy fridge slide making the drawer smaller. I had intended to swap a drawer out for my existing Drifta Single kitchen. Unfortunatley it doesn’t fit.  Still, stoked with the drawers. Drifta do good work and they look great. I’ve just got to learn how to pack again as its thrown my system out the window.

After much thought we’ll take a few days to get up to Fraser and go inland via Thunderbolt’s way and the New England Highway and then by way of Australia Zoo before hitting Fraser.

Route as it stands:

  • Sydney
  • Gloucester
  • Armidale
  • Tenterfield
  • Australia Zoo
  • Rainbow Beach
  • Fraser
  • Sydney with a stop on the way

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