Fraser Trip: Day 7 – Australia Zoo

Had such a good sleep last night. Its so good to be warm again! Felt much better after a decent night’s sleep. We took off to the zoo which is only a few click down the road and the main reason we’d decided to stay in Landsborough.

The boys loved the zoo, and the croc show. Dad enjoyed the Carnival dancers beforehand.

The boys were absolutely cream crackered by the end of the day. They’d been so good that we let them get a present from the gift shop. We don’t normally let them buy things from the gift shop, but it was a special treat.

We had to deal with a fair number of bogan families screaming and shouting at each other throughout the day. Makes me appreciate my family so much more! One particular mother crossed our paths a few times – screaming at her kids – “Take a bloody picture. Take it! Oh for F**ks sake! Can’t you take a f**king picture. Bloody useless kid”. Charming

Included in our pass was a trip to the Animal Hospital over the road. They were operating on a Koala that had been attacked by a dog. Another was suffering a broken back from a dog attack. So sad to see. LOCK YOUR BLOODY DOGS UP!

After dinner we thought we’d lost #2 son. Thinking he was on the toilet I called out, and heard nothing. No answer. Looking under the door I saw his feet, but still no answer. Panicking I ran in and forced the door open only to find him asleep on the toilet.


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